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Service for business

Business services are the core of solutions offered by Seris Konsalnet. As a security agency with over 20-year experience in business, we perfectly understand the needs and expectations of Clients who run business, small or big.

We understand the importance of security of the your company’s facility: property located there and the staff. We are also aware that the situation can be controlled in many ways. Physical protection of the facility is not always necessary. Sometimes, the monitoring system or optimum protection measures will suffice. Leave selection of the optimum scope of support to our experts.

Seris Konsalnet: protection system tailored to your business needs

Regardless of what branch you operate in, at what scale and when you need additional protection – expect expert and comprehensive support:

  • our experts will run security audit of your business and indicate the exact points that need improvement;
  • we will offer optimum solutions – minimising the risk and affordable (we offer a good price not due to inferior service quality but due to effective use of our resources);
  • we can guarantee a range of comprehensive services that shall not fail even in the most demanding situation.

What business services do we offer?

The range is wide and adjusted to the specific nature of your industry. Specialist services are offered to, among other things, shopping chains, FM industry, logistic companies, industrial companies, and many more. Services such as the following can be found in the scope of offered solutions:

  • manned guarding,
  • technical protection systems,
  • convoys,
  • mass-event protection – also the largest ones,
  • professional monitoring and alarm systems,
  • rescue services and medical transport,
  • car fleet handling.

Check the complete offer of solutions offered by Seris Konsalnet and discover top quality in the security sector.

More information available in direct contact with our representatives. We are looking forward to cooperation with you!


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01-267 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 560 50 00
fax: (22) 560 50 04

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