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Individual clients

Do you want to take care of your security and security of your family and property? Seris Konsalnet will protect what is most precious to you, offering proven security services. No matter if you are interested in a good alarm system, professional car monitoring, or industrial monitoring of your house – get in touch and get the best support.

Your security is our top priority

This is why we created a wide range of services adjusted to the needs of individual Clients. We will minimise each risk that can affect you, your property, or small, family business.

As a part of the services dedicated to individual Clients, we offer:

  • vehicle monitoring – it is a 24/7 satellite monitoring service that covers vehicles of our Clients and enables quick recovery of a car in the case of theft, preventing towing away, or verifying owner’s presence in the car;
  • house monitoring – in the case of a burglary, assault, power failure, fire, or another hazardous situation, our Alarm Monitoring Station operates 24/7 and enables quick interventions;
  • installation of modern alarm systems – including VideoAlarm and VideoVerification;
  • modern alarm application, mPanic, that enables fast reporting of a threat using you smartphone.

Additionally, we can offer, among other things, store monitoring and family company monitoring, and much more.

If you want to get to known all the range of our solutions for individual Clients – get in touch. Our consultants will gladly select the right solutions for you and your needs. Come and visit us!


ul. Jana Kazimierza 55
01-267 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 560 50 00
fax: (22) 560 50 04

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