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Technical security systems

Optimal security system for any company

The optimum alarm system is the basis of security of each company. Such systems support, or even replace in many cases, operations of physical protection. Innovative technological solutions will sound an alarm, among other things, when an unauthorised entry to the facility occurs, there is a fire threat or another risk – typical for the nature of your business.

Konsalnet offers comprehensive support to business Clients in terms of security systems. We will build them from the scratch, to provide complete security to our company every day.

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Professional security system: design, implementation, and operation

Solutions offered by Konsalnet form a complete package of services and products that enable creation of the optimum security system for companies. It includes design, implementation, servicing and maintenance of complete signalling and logging systems.

Choosing support of our experts with more than 20 years of experience in the security sector, you can be sure that protection that we offer will meet all the expectations:

  • we operate electronic and mechanical protection systems;
  • we select solutions adjusted to your needs and specific nature of facilities – we understand that protection of companies must always be tailor-made;
  • our experts have vast experience obtained during installation of protection systems in office buildings, production halls, shopping centres, warehouses, and other facilities;
  • we work based on technologically advanced solutions, at the same time optimising costs of the system by, among other things, installing such elements as motion detector everywhere where necessary.

Dou you need a reliable security system? Konsalnet will select, complete, install, and operate motion detector for you. Learn more – our consultants are always at your disposal!

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