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Services for retail networks

Protection of commercial facilities is one of Konsalnet Group specialities. As the largest security agency in Poland, we provide security services to retail areas all over the country, among other things, to shopping centres, super- and hypermarkets, bookstores, drugstores, clothes stores and industrial stores, groceries and smaller facilities. We currently offer physical protection for commercial facilities in over 950 locations in Poland, much more still remain within the range of our monitoring. We encourage to cooperation all companies that look for a reliable and effective partner. Our security agency will never fail you.

At Konsalnet, the offer of protection of commercial facilities combines usually all 3 basic groups of actions: physical protection, handling cash (including convoys) and technical protection.

Protection of people and property in retail facilities: over 20 years of experience in the sector

Konsalnet has constantly operated in the security sector since 1994. Many years of experience and to customer service standards enables us to meet expectations of demanding Clients:

  • in cooperation with retail sector Clients, we have developed models and procedures of protection measures adequate for each situation;
  • we provide both protection from theft by Clients, and from theft by personnel, assaults and other incidents that may occur in commercial facilities;
  • we guarantee full support for a Client in a crisis situation – e.g. in the case of evacuation, fire, or other serious situation;
  • our team is composed of people with the best competence – officers on duty are additionally trained due to the specific nature of working in stores – from training on new theft techniques, to training courses on paramedic help or customer service;
  • the scope of provided services is always adjusted to individual needs of the Client – offering cost optimisation.

Get more information on protection of commercial facilities provided by Konsalnet. The offer will be presented in detail by our consultant.

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