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Services for logistics companies

Protection of warehouses and other companies in logistics sector requires adjustment of the services to the specific nature of the sector. Konsalnet experience and possibilities in this respect enable us to cooperate with the largest and most important Clients on the logistics market.

We offer a comprehensive security offer that combines physical protection, installation and monitoring of technical protections (alarm systems, access control, CCTV systems, monitoring) and supervising mobile items using the GPS. In this manner, we offer support to both the very warehouses and logistics centres, and vehicles owned by the company.

Comprehensive protection of warehouses and logistic facilities for the demanding

Protection services for the logistics sector are tailor-made to the individual specific nature of facility operation. We usually operate in one of three models:

  • guards (guard stations at gates and personal entrances – control of personal traffic and vehicles, control of cargo compliance with documentation, seals on cargo, sobriety tests, etc.)
  • guards-patrols (guard stations as above, with additional mobile patrols within the facility area)
  • guards-patrols, with consideration for logistic-warehouse security (additional control of loading/unloading zones, delivery packaging and completion zones, driver waiting zones, etc.)

Professional technical protection: alarm systems, iCCTV

Konsalnet, apart from protection system, offers a wide range of technical protections and monitoring of alarm signals. Such solutions enable improved efficiency and shorter response times in emergencies.

We offer services of design, installation, and assembly of any types of protections from mechanical and (other) access control systems, through fire systems, alarm systems to CCTV systems.

Professional protection of vehicle fleets

We offer satellite vehicle monitoring – precise and complex – to Clients providing transport services.

As a part of logistics monitoring:

  • we provide data on location, speed, and technical condition of the vehicle on the current basis;
  • we can supervise compliance of the vehicle’s actual route with the planned one,
  • we keep a log of cargo area opening, activation and deactivation of alarms;
  • we verify fuel consumption, operating parameters and other data on the vehicle and cargo.

Vehicle location and monitoring its operation has never been so simple and reliable. Get in touch with our consultants to get more information!

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