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Services for industry

Professional protection of people and property is a guarantee of security of each large and medium industrial plant. Depending on the needs, it may be necessary to control personal traffic, to put control stands at the gates and entrances, and to implement mobile patrols, or additional control at loading zones.

Industrial plants require protection from external and internal threat. All to make your company protected from intrusion of undesired people but also from internal theft. This is why you should entrust protection services to us. Over 20 years of experience in the sector guarantee that we can meet your expectations.

Professional protection of industrial plants

Konsalnet provides services to a range of large and medium industrial plants, including facilities subject to compulsory protection according to the Law on Protection of People and Property and Other Facilities of Special Significance for the Economy.

Thanks to detailed, effective, and minutely observed operating procedures, we can assure security to companies of any size. Building protection, professionally selected monitoring systems, or regular patrolling of the entire facility – we will do anything to make sure that your plant is provided with maximum security.

What is the scope of protection of industrial plants that we offer?

At Konsalnet, we understand that each o our Clients has different needs. This is why we develop an individual threat analysis for each industrial plant. It considers the specific nature of the facility, its location, nature of production, also existing procedures and protection measures.

Based on this analysis, we will develop the security system – depending on facility category – in the form of Protection Plan or Protection Instruction. This document is the basis of providing protection services for the industrial facility – both in terms of selecting monitoring systems, and physical protection.

Protection of industrial plants is assured in one of three models:

  • guards (guard stations at gates and personal entrances – control of personal traffic and vehicles, control of cargo compliance with documentation, seals on cargo, sobriety tests etc.)
  • guards-patrols (guard stations as above, with additional mobile patrols within the facility area)
  • guards-patrols, with consideration for logistic-warehouse security (additional control of loading/unloading zones, delivery packaging zones, etc.)

In case of a threat, our intervention teams are always standing by.

Get to know Konsalnet offer in detail. Get in touch with our consultant and see what we can do for you!

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