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Services for FM industry

Pone of the key areas of Konsalnet operations are services for real-estate management companies. As a company that provides security services in commercial areas (among other things, shopping malls, office building, and warehouses) all over Poland, we known the requirements and expectations of Clients in this sector.

We understand that protection of buildings means more than just observation or good monitoring system. Apart from effectiveness of protection system, the right behaviour of guards on duty, their qualification, personal manners or their appearance are also important. Supporting Client in crisis situation is also very important – e.g. during evacuation, fire, or other serious situation.

Protection system adjusted to the needs of the Client.

In order to meet expectations of Clients in FM sector and adjust the nature of the services to the specific character of the facility and needs, we usually offer protection services provided in two complementing (or combined) models.


Serving stationary stations where security personnel is in constant touch with Client’s personnel, guests, and visitors. Security personnel employees wear – as most often expected by the Client – suit-type uniforms, their command of the English languages is at least at a communicative level, they have good appearance, are well mannered and easy-going. This is, among other things, what protection of companies looks like.


This is a form of mobile protection where guard stations are authorised to leave the stationary stations or are a patrol-inspection round type by their formula. Security personnel employees wear – depending on Client’s expectations ­– suit or “battle-field” uniforms and their qualifications are selected as per the scope of tasks and duties to be fulfilled.

Why trust Konsalnet services?

Our employees on duty in commercial facilities go through an additional training related to the specific nature of work of such facilities – from operating and facility-specific training (e.g. new theft techniques), through training on procedures used by the Client, to guest-service training, procedures in stress situations, or paramedic help. The protection system is completed with the offer for technical protections and alarm signal monitoring that enables improvement of effectiveness and response time.

Konsalnet offers services of design, installation, and assembly of any types of protections, such as e.g. access control system, alarm systems, fire systems and other, and monitoring of mobile items and CCTV systems.

Additionally, we closely cooperate with the Police as a part of threat prevention, information exchange and responding to incidents. In result, protection in crisis situations is reliable.

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