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Round-the-clock supervision

Monitoring is round-the-clock supervision of the signals coming from alarm systems installed in the client’s facilities. In case of an alarm triggering – caused by e.g. housebreaking, assault, blackout or fire (depending on the sensor used) – employee of the round-the-clock Alarm Monitoring Post receives the signal immediately and takes appropriate action, observing the procedures (contact with the Owner, sending out the Response Group etc.). This way the facility is subject to round-the-clock supervision, also when the owners are absent.

Quick reaction assured

  • Signals from the client’s facilities are transmitted to our modern (built in 2015) round-the-clock Alarm Monitoring Post
  • The staff working at the Monitoring Post is utmost professional with vast experience in the security sector and can react to hazards quickly and efficiently
  • Own communication system allows for immediate contact with the Response Groups

Customized system design free of charge

  • Each facility – building or outdoor area – has its own nature. That is why each time our Counselors design the security system in a customized manner, correspondent with the facility’s nature and the Client’s requirements
  • We use a wide range of equipment from reliable vendors; therefore we can adapt our technical solutions to the clients’ expectations and possibilities more precisely
  • The system’s design and adapting it to the client’s requirements is free of charge

Proven procedures

  • We render services to the most demanding corporate clients for 18 years – among them are banks, big industrial plants or retailer networks.
  • Cooperation with the biggest companies inspires us to provide cutting-edge technological and organizational security solutions for our clients.
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