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Manned guarding

Comprehensive security systems for companies

We create comprehensive protection systems for companies no matter their size or the nature of their business. We have been cooperating with the largest and most demanding Clients for years. We protect facilities regardless of their location, nature, or area. More than 20 years of experience and thousands of Clients confirm this: physical protection is our speciality.

Protection of people and property at its best

We are now providing physical protection services for over 3,200 facilities all over Poland. Our Clients include, among other things: large industrial facilities, banks, offices, shopping chains, and logistics centres, state institutions and military facilities. Additionally, our security agency works for small and medium companies, local trade points, construction sites, warehouses, etc.

In a nutshell: no matter the nature of the facility that you wish to entrust to our experts, we will reliably complete the task.

Konsalnet is focused on orders related to constant protection of facilities. Additionally, we also provide protection services during mass, season, or short-term events.

Physical protection that will never fail you

Konsalnet provides the services to its Clients based on the world’s best protection standards. You should visit us because:

  • we have specialist equipment, expanded management system, and a team of highly qualified personnel – thus, we can accept very difficult tasks as well as simple protection jobs;
  • we always adjust protection system design and alarm system to the specific nature of the facility as per analysis of current and potential hazards, needs, and requirements of the given Client;
  • we assure the highest possible efficiency of protection with control of costs – to optimise costs without compromising quality;
  • we employ 20 thousand personnel in physical protection sector. These are qualified and experienced employees that, thanks to recurring training courses, makes the group of the best experts.

Get to know our services in detail and join the group of our Clients. Get in touch with a Konsalnet consultant!

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01-267 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 560 50 00
fax: (22) 560 50 04

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