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GPS monitoring

Satellite vehicle tracking system

Satellite vehicle tracking system offered by Konsalnet allows for round-the-clock control over the vehicles, moving or standing. We render GPS tracking services for logistics allowing for efficient management and supervision over fleets of company cars, and car security systems, which monitor alarm signals from the vehicle so that adequate actions can be taken quickly.

More security

  • The vehicle is monitored round the clock in the Alarm Monitoring Post, which controls alarm signals (triggering or deactivating of the alarm in the vehicle, damaging the system, etc.) as well as tracks the vehicle’s location.
  • If the alarm is triggered, the Monitoring Post informs the owner and (depending on the agreed course of action) – Response Groups or civil services.
  • If additional sensors have been installed, the system can monitor and register also other occurrences– e.g. opening of the cargo space, unauthorized deactivation of the alarm system or immobilizer, etc.
  • Data from the vehicle tracking is transferred even if the engine or electric supply have been turned off – the system allows for tracking the vehicle also in case of its towing.

Monitoring of the vehicle’s working parameters

  • Data transfer enables registering selected parameters of the vehicle (engine RMP, fuel consumption, fuel tank, speed) – depending on the type of the car and the type of security system chosen
  • The localizing mode enables registering when and where the car is running, as well as a constant monitoring of the selected alarm parameters (e.g. driving out of the designated zone, exceeding the speed limit, etc.). The data on the monitored vehicle can be sent directly to the client via SMS or through the Internet, on a digital map.

Assistance in other occurrences

Thanks to a constant control over the vehicle, in case of unforeseen occurrences (road accident, failure on route, etc.) the car driver can count on our reaction and quick localization of the vehicle. Each previously defined event triggers the alarm and a correspondent action is taken.

Our systems are communicated directly with the Konsalnet Monitoring Center, which works 24/7, constantly analyzing data delivered from the monitored vehicles. The staff of the Monitoring Center is on continuous standby to intervene.

The products offered by Konsalnet have quality mark recognized throughout Europe. Installing the system you get the right to high insurance discounts and to keep the motor warranty.

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