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Event security

Safeguarding and security at events

Security and protection of mass events and other events that require protection poses serious demands for organisers and security company. They result both from legal regulations and from the special nature of such events, and in result – non-standard threats that may occur. Appropriate selection and training of security personnel handling this type of events and effective choice of operating tools are very important – to make both – protection of property, and (first of all) protection of physical persons – reliable. This is why you should chose Konsalnet.

Protection of outdoor events – we are at your disposal

Konsalnet offers services in the scope of protection events regardless of their type. Id does not matter whether this refers to protection of business events, protection of concerts, fairs, family picnics, festivals, or sports events – our personnel and modern technological solutions are at your disposal.

Professional security services at mass events from A to Z

Cooperation with z Konsalnet can already start at the stage of planning the event – when the permit to organise a mass event is to be obtained. Our experts will analyse the situation and make every effort to make the event go smoothly.

While developing a detailed protection plan, we try to start cooperation with the Organisers as early as possible. The plan that we develop will take into consideration the degree of threat and the number of participants and will enable adjustment of protection measures to the size of the premises. We also determine the type of uniforms of security personnel (suit, uniform, etc.) and possible special requirements of the Organiser concerning our personnel.

Mass-event protection is our speciality

We provide our Clients with a comprehensive service that includes:

  • professional event protection;
  • development of protection plane – event protection;
  • development of fire plan;
  • obtaining the permit to organise a mass event;
  • medical resources;
  • cleaning of the area during and after the event;
  • portable toilet rental;
  • barrier rental.

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