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Airports – the security control

In result of legal changes that now allow private companies to control security at airports, Konsalnet – the largest security company in Poland – has been providing, since 2013, services of security control for passengers, crews, and baggage at Warsaw’s Frederic Chopin airport.

Control activities are performed by specially trained employees of the company. In this way, Konsalnet has become one of the first security companies in Poland to take over control tasks and operate in a character similar to the Airport Security Guards.

The company also has vast experience at security control at airports – mainly in the scope of security control of packages provided for forwarders. We also provide security services for strategic facilities, such as sport or military airports and bases.

Professional security control at the airport

Security control, performed by Konsalnet employees , among other things, at Warsaw’s Frederic Chopin airport, consist mainly in checking and verifying that no prohibited or hazardous items will be allowed for air transport.

In this way, Konsalnet exceeds standard services such as facility security or building security, and our employees operate similar to the Airport Security Guards. Our competence also includes the so-called security gate.

To make it possible, employees working at security control at the airport must meet strict requirements and take a series of training courses:

  • each employee must hold the certificate of physical protection employee, obtained after passing exams at Police commission;
  • then, the employee takes the course of Security Control Operator that ends with qualification test by the Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) and issuing the Security Control Operator Certificate.

It is only when an employee has such licence that he/she may take up tasks required by airport security or military base security.

Our own Aviation Protection Training Centre

The Centre run by Konsalnet educates future Security Control Operators in accordance with the curriculum approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (ULC).

More information on the Aviation Protection Training Centre, offered training courses and requirements concerning Security Control Operators can be found at the Centre’s website:

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