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Why Konsalnet?

We strive to ensure the best possible contact between the clients and the company in day-to-day life as well in emergency situations.

Seris Konsalnet’s latest big investments – particularly investments in technical devices (central alarm monitoring post, cash processing centers, customer service office, IT systems) and equipment allow us to work efficiently and quickly, and fully control the quality of our services.

Besides services diKrectly linked to the security, working closely together with our renowned partners we can also provide comprehensive facility management systems or other customized services for the companies in this sector.
Seris Konsalnet’s key advantages

Cost reduction with no compromise on quality.

Preparing our security systems and services we always strive to reduce the overall costs. Unlike the companies which focus exclusively on final prices, we look for ideas to optimize the overall costs, as early as at the phase of designing the security system. We achieve this thanks to a better work organization and distribution of resources. We use the equipment and infrastructure available in a more efficient way and implement other modern security methods (technical systems, monitoring, access control). This way we can render high quality services and reduce the total cost of security at the same time.

Better quality of services rendered

Cooperating with clients from diverse sectors, we have developed a range of the procedures and quality assurance assessment methods for our services. Clients from diverse backgrounds, with diverse scope of activity and sectors may find it difficult to define the quality” of the security services in a clear manner. Therefore, the key performance indicators (KPI) for objective evaluation of the quality of the services and the customers’ satisfaction are always discussed with the client. This way we have assessment tools at our disposal and can react in case of irregularities. We use numeric parameters for the assessment (e.g. diminishing loses, number/merit of the camera shots, number of successful emergency operations, etc.) as well as immeasurable parameters (e.g. Assessment of the employees’ manners, contact with the company, or customer satisfaction).



  • Technical and physical security of persons and properties. ISO 9001:2008


  • Services for technical and physical personal security and properties security AQAP 2110:2009.
  • Environmental ISO certificate 14001/2004
  • NCAGE-NATO Commercial Entity 2021H


  • Services for technical and physical personal security and properties security.
  • Cleaning services. ISO 9001:2008, AQAP 2120:2009.
  • Industrial Safety Certificate II level SBPK003306T
  • Design, assembly and operating of the electronic security systems services and monitoring services ISO 9001:2008, AQAP 2110:2009.


ul. Jana Kazimierza 55
01-267 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 560 50 00
fax: (22) 560 50 04

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