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About us

Seris Konsalnet is the largest security company in Poland. It has been active on the market for 25 years, offering a whole spectrum of services.

The company was established in 1994 and became a joint-stock company in 1998. The company employs 18.500 staff. It owns over 700 cars. We operate through a network of branches and offices all over Poland. The company receives many recommendations, certificates, prizes, awards including ISO, AQAP, APC, BVQ, Solid Company and Solid Partner titles, etc. We provide services in all segments of the security sector such as manned guarding, monitoring. Therefore we are able to render a wide range of services, as well as create cost-reduction opportunities for our Clients.  We provide manned guarding services for over 3.500 Clients, while our monitoring services are rendered to nearly 64.000 facilities ang 13.000 vehicles. Our list of clients includes, among others, the biggest banks in Poland, retailer networks, public service companies, strategic facilities and industrial companies, as well as military units.

We actively participate in the process of consolidation of the national security market sector – over many years the company took over many entities active in the security sector throughout the country.

We operate throughout Poland, through a network of regional entities, branches and offices all over the country.

We offer a full spectrum of security services

As the largest security company in Poland we provide services in each security market segment from security guard/personal protection services, technical security systems and monitoring.

This enables us to develop and provide services linking individual segments. Coupled with the extensive experience of the company this allows security costs optimisation. Thanks to the latest major investments made by Seris Konsalnet – mostly in technological facilities (central alarms monitoring station, customer support centre, IT systems) and equipment we are able to act quickly and efficiently, and in addition, fully monitor the quality of our services. We aim at further improvement of the contact between Clients and the firm, both in day-to-day operational matters and in crisis situations.

Apart from service connected directly with security, we can, in co-operation with reputable partners, also provide comprehensive real property management service or separate services for businesses in this sector.


We are a member of:

Polski Związek Pracodawców “Ochrona”

Polska Izba Ochrony Osób i Mienia

Związek Pracodawców Lewiatan

Business Centre Club


ul. Jana Kazimierza 55
01-267 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 560 50 00
fax: (22) 560 50 04

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