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9 maja 2014

mPanic – security at your fingertips

How often do you wonder whether you activated the alarm system when leaving home or your workplace? Do you always carry a panic button on you at home? When at home – would you like to know about the activation or deactivation of the alarm system in your company?

Konsalnet has introduced a free application on to the market, enabling you to control alarm systems operated by the company by means of a mobile phone or a tablet. The mPanic application, available for the most popular types of equipment and operating systems, provides full information on the status of the system (armed/disarmed). The alarm system users can check remotely, from any place on Earth, whether their company has been opened or whether their child has come home from school. Using the application, it is also possible to call up a detailed hour-by-hour history of arming and disarming of the alarm.

To increase security, the application has been fitted with a panic button. After registering the application, the phone operates just like a classic button: pressing it will summon an intervention team to the indicated premises. In the event of a threat, a telephone with a panic button installed saves precious minutes.

For more information and to get a link to download the application visit:

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