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9 kwietnia 2014

International Shooting Championships

On 31 May 2014, the 13th Polish Security Sectors’ Shooting Championships will be held by the Polish Chamber of Security. The Championships, which are one of the most important annual events in the industry, will be held in Warsaw for the second time in their 13-year history.

This year, the Championships are co-organised by companies that have their headquarters in Warsaw, i.e. Konsalnet Holding S.A. and the Central Military Sports Club Legia Warsaw – Shooting Section.

The organizers are counting on a record turnout and a high level of sporting competition.

The Polish Security Sector’s International Shooting Championships are open to all security companies conducting activity in the area of the protection of people and property, holding a firearm bearer’s licence, and also to external security services employed by entrepreneurs, holding firearms licences and international security service teams and invited guests, irrespective of membership of any industry organization.

The above formula means that one of the objectives of the Championships is an integration of the security industry community, both at a local level and nationwide. The participation of companies and entrepreneurs in the Championships demonstrates both their commitment to training and improving the qualifications of their staff.

As in previous years, security staff will compete in two disciplines: precision and rapid-fire shooting with a handin teams and individually. The best team in the team classification will be awarded the Trophy of the President’s of the Polish Chamber of Security. In an additional contest, the top 16 players from the individual competition will compete in a smoothbore rifle shooting competition.

During the Championships, company owners, their representatives, sponsors and invited guests will also have an opportunity to test their firearms skills in the VIP category.

The Regulations only allow the use of firearms that are routinely used by the participants, so that the competition is as realistic as possible.
All security companies are invited to participate in the 13th Polish Security Sector’s International Shooting Championships 2014.

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