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25 lutego 2014

Among the best Polish business-to-business brands!

Konsalnet Holding S.A. has been recognised in this year’s Superbrands contest in two categories: Business Superbrands and Created in Poland Business Superbrands.

Superbrands are a prestigious distinction, awarded for nearly 20 years all over the world by the independent organization The Superbrands Ltd. The organization rewards the most recognizable and strongest brands in each of the 85 countries where it operates. The Superbrands Business Brands Council (made up of the most important representatives of Polish business, capital markets, economic media and brand image experts) also listed the largest security company in Poland – Konsalnet – among the leaders on the Polish market of corporate brands and B2B brands.

Konsalnet’s second distinction – the Created in Poland Business Superbrands – is awarded to brands that have been created in Poland. The idea of the competition was to show special appreciation of brands of Polish origin, whose strategies had been devised by Polish specialists. The winners were selected in the Superbrands Certification Process, prepared in conjunction with the research company ARC Rynek i Opinia. Fifteen thousand consumers took part in the survey. Their task was to indicate which brands, whose logos were presented to them, were known to them and how much they would be willing to recommend them to their friends and relations. On the basis of the results, an indicator was created that tookinto account both brand awareness and readiness to recommend the brand within the confines of a given category. The title Created in Poland Superbrands is awarded only to the strongest brands in each category.

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