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28 marca 2013

Konsalnet will provide security services at Chopin Airport, Warsaw

On April 3rd 2013, Konsalnet, the largest security company in Poland, signed a contract for the provision of security checks of passengers, air crew and baggage at Warsaw Chopin Airport. Security checks will be carried out by  qualified employees of the company.  Thus, Konsalnet has become one of the first companies of the security sector in Poland to take over these tasks from the Airport Security Service.

The security controls to be carried out by Konsalnet personnel at the Warsaw airport will primarily involve checking and ensuring that no prohibited and dangerous items are allowed on board.

– I am very pleased that our company has been entrusted with security controls at the biggest airport in Poland. We have gained the largest share in the new market segment, which is civil aviation security. This confirms the role of Konsalnet as the leader of the security sector in Poland – says Adam Pawłowicz, CEO of Konsalnet Holding SA.

– Performing security checks of passengers and baggage at the airport is a very responsible task. The safety and security of travellers and the airport itself depend on the commitment and skills of the people carrying out such checks. I am glad we can put them in the hands of a reputable company, which guarantees the maintenance of high standards in the performance of this task – said Michał Marzec, Director of the Chopin Airport in Warsaw.

Grzegorz Pilaszek, Vice President of the Board of Directors of Konsalnet Holding SA adds: – It took us two years to prepare for the provision of security services in a fully professional manner, in line with top standards. We have established our own Civil Aviation Security Staff Training Centre and invested intotraining of hundreds of employees. Our success in the tender for this prestigious contract, whose procedures lasted many months, is a reward for these efforts.

The company personnel will perform their tasks in Terminal A and Terminal GA (General Aviation), as well as in VIP lounges,where highest-ranking representatives of government authorities and foreign delegations are checked in. The security controls will comprise X-ray equipment to scan baggage and clothing, gate and handheld metal detectors, as well as ETDs, equipment used to detect trace elements of explosive materials.

– The most important are, however, a thorough preparation, efficiency and experience of our employees, because it is largely on these elements that the security, safety and comfort of the people at the airport depend – says Jacek Klaudziński, Director for Airport and Seaport Security in Konsalnet Holding SA.

The security personnel employed at the Airport will have to conform to high demands and undergo a series of training courses. Each employee will have to hold a Security Guard licence, awarded after successful passing of examinations before a Police board.  Only then are they allowed to commence training as a Security Screener, which ends with a verification of the qualification by the Civil Aviation Authority and the issue of a Security Screener’s Certificate.

Konsalnet operates its own Civil Aviation Security Staff Training Centre, where future security screeners are trained according to a programme approved by the CAA. The company also has a wealth of experience in security controls at airports – chiefly with respect to the security checks of shipments performed for shipping companies (TNT, DHL, UPS, GTL-LOT and Do&Co – formerly LOT Catering).

For years, Konsalnet has provided protection for strategic facilities, such as military units and airfields, ports, transmission systems and General Aviation airports.

– We are open to recruit extra staff, especially people who are experienced in security tasks of the Airport Security Service– adds Jacek Klaudziński

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